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. INSPIRING brand has been created by Ania A Drzewiecka, a Polish woman, visual identity and branding consultant, chartered marketeer, philosopher, and doctoral researcher. Having worked, lived and studied across several different cultures, countries and linguistic realities, Ania realised that the weight of visual impression has always remained static. Inspired by the power of non-verbal communication, the potential of a corporate self-expression, the value of a borderless dialogue and the art of visual aesthetics, Ania has created a space that allows businesses to re-evaluate their branding proposition by simply stepping back and assessing the current visual status of their practices. The essence of this approach is rooted in the very first principles of a self-reflection |


#1 | What is the current scenario?
#2 | What is the vision?
#3 | What is the plan?
#4 | What is the approach?
#5 | What are the expectations?

“Without appraising already undertaken routes, reviewing implemented tactics or rating final results, introducing a change such as rebranding or repositioning can be a waste of resources” says Ania




The soul never thinks without a picture | Aristoteles